Thursday, December 27, 2012

Without U

I never assumed life to be so,
Without your smile without your sight,
Why should I think of what might
Have been mine, for what should I fight?

No reasons remain to breathe anymore,

No pleasures left, the pain flows
The dreams have been crushed and hanged on walls
Painted in my blood and my soul calls,
For you and you again.... 

Grant me my share of this life,

Why should I cry when everyone smiles?
Give me something to build my hopes on,
My feel to live, to go on.
Without a choice without a reason,
Here I remain lost in every season.

There’s no more any devil there is God no more,

no time no space no light anymore.
Dragging this listless form along the ground,
it has been a burden with you not around.


  1. Hi Naddy,

    Lovely poem. Keep posting :)


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  2. very nice and heart touching lines!!

  3. Very Touching. Loved the flow n rhyming of ur poems. Write more and share it. i wud also like to invite you to my blog n leave your imprints as comments.


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