Sunday, December 16, 2012

Get Rich by Making Own Daughter Prostitute

In today’s world, money is everything, if we have money we can buy bread, good living, good education good life style and so on, But if we don’t have enough to fulfill own and our family member’s needs, then what to do, we have daughter who is just 15 years old why not make her prostitute, Because some people are so rich they are ready to pay any amount to sleep with girl who is just 15 years old. How does it sound…..
I came across very dishearten and sadden story which will show you the grey side of society. This is the story of a girl named Geeta. Who were living with her grand mom in a very small village of UP.  Her father named Chaman, mother and brother were living in New Delhi. Her father was hawker and run a small vegetable shop. Rising inflation and tough competition were making their life miserable. Forget about good life for them, it was very tough for them to arrange bread daily. Apart from family in Delhi, her father also has to send money to his Mother so that his daughter and mother could survive in village. With each passing day, population in India is increasing so does Inflation which give rise to other problems in society. There was a guy named Mohan known as commission agent, who used to come at Geeta’s father shop daily. One day Geeta father discussed his problems with that agent. Geeta’s father shared what he is going through how life is getting tough for them. While talking He told to that agent, that he has one daughter who is just 15 years old and his mom also in a village near Agra. He also has to send money to both of them. The guy was commission agent but basically a pimp for ESCORTS. He proposed one offer to Geeta’s father, Bring your daughter to Delhi, and then you can earn as much money as you want.

Immediately, Geeta father went to village ask her to come to Delhi with him by saying that she can go to new and better school and make her life well. Geeta went with her father. Her very own father took her to that agent and then the actual business started. Geeta cried, shouted, refused but her father always forced her to do this, if she still insists not to go. Her father will beat her and make sure she is going to sleep with customers every day. Is Money that much important? This bloody father is forcing her daughter daily to become sex worker. They start getting decent money. Days passed no one were ready to ready Geeta’s problem. With the time her father greed was increasing day by day. At the same time, Mohan offered again one proposal to her father, why not we go for permanent source of income; by selling her daughter to the red light area of Moradabad UP. Geeta was asked to go to Moradabad with some so called token money. Geeta boarded the bus, but she got down in between to some village named Sambhal. Another agent was waiting for Geeta at Moradabad. So that he can receive Geeta and took her to brothels of Moradabad. As Geeta didn't reach Moradabad, her parents were worried about money or her daughter. They checked with Mohan and Mohan suggested Geeta’s parents that they should file a police complaint against her missing daughter. Police will defiantly find her daughter and we can recollect the money.

Police started investigation; they didn't even find their daughter and also find the bitter truth behind all this. Geeta was very upset and no one was ready to listen to her problems. She was so much frustrated, she doesn't want this life. So she got down Sambhal and started working as a maid there.

We all consider our parents God’s gift to us. They have given birth to us. They gives us food of eat. They give us clothes to wear. They send us to school. They teach us good things. They nurse us when we are sick. They take care of our needs. They strive best to fulfill our needs. And Mother and daughter relation is considered to be closet relationship in humankind. Mother can feel the pain of her children without being told by them, But in this case when Geeta told her mother she doesn't like this. Please try to understand my problem. Then her mother replied When you have done once what is the problem in doing again. We can fulfill our basic needs only by this mean. On the other hand, fathers act in a protective, supportive and responsible way towards their children. But what kind of father is Chaman.Now Geeta’s father, mother and agent Mohan is behind bars. And Geeta is sent to rehabilitation center in Delhi.

I ask you again, Money is that much important that one should make his daughter prostitute sell all family values, humanity.

P.S. I came across this story through Crime Patrol Series telecast-ed on Sony Channel.and all the pictures are taken from internet. 


  1. Your title pierced my heart. Call me faint hearted but I couldn't read this post, I felt insulted, as a daughter, as a mother to a daughter.

    1. I am very sorry but this is darker side of our society.

  2. Thats a naked truth u revealed. Standing ovation to u dude!


    There is a problem in our mindsets. We say we 'respect' & 'worship' womanhood but this male-dominated society actually uses the woman to its full belly.

  4. naddy ye sab material world ka asar hai jahan pesa bolta hai pese se bada koi nahi aj bharatiya apni sanskruti se bahat dur ja chuke hain sare riste nate ka aj koi matlab nahi thanks yaar atleast tum kuch to awarness create kar rahe ho

    1. Thanks for reading. I hope it will create some difference.

  5. crimes come in different forms and this is worst among them....

  6. Hi Naddy,
    I am glad to have across your blog. Its good to see someone raising voices against ill-happenings in the society. I had watched this episode of the show and was left dumb-struck. Good to see you actually wrote on it.

    Keep the good-work up. Keep writing.


    P.S.: I am not a blogspot subscriber but you can visit me on


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