Monday, August 13, 2012

Love, Lies…...

It is a common saying every relationship should be built on truth. In fact, trust, integrity,purity,forthrightness are basic pillars of a strong relationship. But sometimes or I would say in today’s era what if we have to compromise on one of the thing. So what you say relationship is not true or strong enough?
There was a guy Nikhil; an average guy with average looks. Also, he was kinda fitness freak. One day he was doing his regular workout; a girl rushed into the gym. She was innocent, nice and on the top of it she was looking so much charming. Just like another guys Nikhil also stared at Isha. So this how Nikhil and Isha saw each other for the first time. Looking Through Your Eyes ……. I mean this thing continues for some days. Isha also was kinda attracted to Nikhil. From Isha point of view- She is girl, how can she initiate. From Nikhil Side- What if she snubs, slaps, rejects, stab etc. Nikhil was flooding with so many ideas – how to overcome all these phobias and talk to her. One day Isha was doing some exercise incorrectly. So Nikhil gentle enough told her, you are doing this wrong and he corrected her. I don’t know why girl got furious when someone corrected them, despite the generosity of poor guys; so do Isha. Even though she didn’t say anything not even thanks. But Nikhil could easily make out that she didn’t like it. “Poor start!!” Nikhil uttered.  But you never know what’s cooking in a girl mind. And also what’s written in the destiny.
After some days, Isha asked Nikhil about some abs exercise how to do it and could you support me doing this. After exercise; Nikhil thought this is the chance which I have been waiting for. Nikhil immediately said “Hi, I am Nikhil.” She said “Oh Hi!!I am Isha and I work for Microsoft and I am from New Delhi. I tried so many gyms before joining this gym. I guess this gym is costliest and the best in the city.” Nikhil somehow got the impression that she is some kinda of self obsessed girl, who is so much fascinated by the brands and she is so proud that the she works for Microsoft. On the opposite side; Nikhil even though, he was a very small town guy but he knows very well how to cover himself. So he also said I am also from Pune and I work for Cognizant.
So this is how Nikhil and Isha story starts. They started meeting each other outside the gym. Meeting becomes more and more frequent with each passing day. Just like another boy and girl they were also going out for movies, outings, trekking, coffee, chit chats, long calls, exchanging messages and so on. But still there was nothing more than friends. They didn’t realize, but they were getting used to each other so much. For Instance, If Nikhil has to go for shopping; he will call Isha and vice-versa. They were helping each other in making some important decisions as well.
With the rolling time, they got to know each other so well and liking, attraction becomes more and stronger from Nikhil side. Nobody knows from Isha side. Nikhil was kinda fallen for her; he wants to propose her but not in a simple way. He knows Isha so he was thinking to plan it something frenzy or extravaganza. So he thought of candle light dinner on her birthday which was coming next month.
Finally, the day arrived. It was Isha birthday and Nikhil planned it as he wanted. He arranged candle light dinner, roses and very exquisite gift for her. Nikhil also rehearsed it so many times how he will purpose. I will say this that to her. And I am damn sure she will say yes too. Then we will tell our friends, parents. Isha arrived; they cut the cake and had dinner. They enjoyed the dinner. After dinner Nikhil said –“Isha, I don’t know how you will react but I want to say something.” Isha smiled and said-“Sure...”
Nikhil - “The very first day I saw you, I liked you and it might sounded more of like melodramatic but I always felt some spark which make me more attracted to you. I can see all the qualities in you which I am looking for my life partner. I have completely fallen for you. Day and night I think about you. But I want to tell you one truth today. I am not from Pune. I am not from well off family. In fact, I am a small town guy and from very simple family. I lied you because the day I talked to you, I was totally confused. I got illusive and I thought you might get attracted by the fact that I am from a rich background and eventually we will become friends; but now today I have realized my mistake. Please forgive me. I don’t want to force you for anything. Take your time. I told you which I feel for you.  ”

Isha became completely speechless. She was astounded by the fact her own friend lied to her. When you lied in very beginning how you can expect of any relationship further. She felt like betrayed. No relationship can survive based on falsehoods. She doesn’t know what to say; what to do next. What difference it had made by telling the truth. On the other hand, Nikhil intensely loves her. Whatever he said false to her; it was out of insecurity.

Isha said I want to leave now and I don’t want to discuss anything about it. She went back home. After that, there was no contact from Isha side. It has been six months and there is no contact from Isha side. Nikhil has tried to reach her but all in vain. Isha doesn’t want to talk to Nikhil.
I understand nobody would like to start a relation on apocryphal? But what if we are untruth to anyone out of insecurity; Does it really a lie. For Nikhil, a start of their relationship was at that time when he was proposing to Isha and he had confronted all his mistakes.
Today, they are not together. Sad, but true!!

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