Sunday, August 5, 2012

Love; Relationship; Addiction

I got always confused when I think about her? It was one fine evening when I was boozing with one of best buddy Shilpa in not so famous restaurant. It was basically so called condolence to my previous or recent breakup. Was surrounded by same stuff; I was never get into relationship again; It’s completely wastage of time. Look at me, I would have enjoyed of course not like Casanova but still at least had been roaming with 2 -3 girls. My friend was like give me break with these cheesy lines. I know you are Drunk.
 Okay!! Hang on one of my friend is around. Should I call her? First question Is she hawwtt??.
Hard looks given by Shilpa; Umm!! I was just asking casually.
Listen (just like any other normal girl), if she joins us. You please behave normal; make sure nothing bizarre, no perverseness. I know it’s tough for you as you are already down with 4 pegs of absolute with Red Bull. But still, try to for me.
Okay, don’t behave like typical gal; I will try mah level best, with change in accent probably drunken accent. So drinks went on and on. All of sudden Shilpa got another call and she went out. Then Shilpa came back alone. I asked where your friend is. She is coming she is in parking lot. All of sudden, a hot chick came in white top and blue jeans. Naddy, she is Neha. Hey Hi, I am Naddy. I was about to ask “Are you single?” but again I was just scared of Shilpa. Afterwards, we had dinner together. So we say bye to each other and went home. But somehow I could not forget her cute face. I could easily recall her eyes, the way she was putting her hair behind her ears. I don’t know it was infatuation; probably she was the cutest girl I came across so far. Anyways, after two days we met again but again with Shilpa and I got to know she is single. So I directly ask what are your plans for marriage, not so soon, she replied gently. What about boy friend she just smiled.  “All guys are same” – I said girls are also same. Infect, both are bloody stereotypes.
After few days, I decided I want to meet Neha alone. I don’t know why but I just want to spend some more time with her. So I called her casually and she also said yes to meet me at CCD. It was nice meeting followed by movie “Ek Mei aur Ek Tu”. So these meeting went on and on for two months. I was kinda addicted to her. Long chats, calls, thanks to whatsapp, of course sometimes flirt as well.  
Finally, one day Shilpa invited me for lunch at her home, firstly, I asked whether Neha is coming or not. She was like what if she will not coming you will not come; I said I didn’t mean it that way. I went for lunch, she asked “U like Neha-”. I said yes, so I think it’s time for you to take your relationship to next level. I was – Hold on, I liked her that doesn’t mean I want relationship from her. I just like to spend time with her. And we haven’t discussed anything like that between us. Naddy then what’s going on between you guys, Shilpa asked softly. I cleared one thing I like to spend time with Neha or you can say I addicted to Neha. Though, she is the best girl I came across, but for relationship I don’t feel anything like so, even I flirt with her. “Are you Sardar – You like her, you like to be with her”. But you don’t call it relationship. Are you feeling insecure – just because you will ask for relationship you will lose a nice friend.
 I went back and thought of calling Neha. But couldn’t gather enough courage to call her and ask her. Should we be in relationship? So I remain same as I was so do Neha and Shilpa also refused to discuss anything about this.
After few days I got to travel to China. Before leaving for China, I thought I will ask Neha that all these ideas are also prevailing in your mind. But again I was enjoying being with her and just want the time should stop here.
Now, it’s almost three months and we are still in touch. But one idea always came to my mind; whether it is love or addiction.

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