Monday, November 26, 2012

My 5th Service Anniversary

That was a Monday, unlike others I had in life. Fresh formals, tie, black shoes all together in a combo, for the first time. To top it all, nicely trimmed hair and clean shave. Boy 'o boy that was the smartest I ever looked.

For the first time there wasn't a feeling of alone in a group of completely unknowns. All of us stuffed in the bus together, heading towards the campus, of which we had a fleeting glance the day before. Being a chatter box is gender agnostic, it was discovery made that day. Years have passed since that Monday. Walk has been a long one, held some hands, others just shook and left. 

Its Monday again, with the same date and a gap of half a decade time to hit the rewind button in forward mode...

in cricketing terms, it’s a 4 off a no ball. Plus 5 on the board, free hit to follow.

Confusing ;) Well, Today I completed 5 years with Infosys.


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