Monday, September 24, 2012

When Developer Meets Tester….

In layman terms, a developer is a person who develops the application which could be an application a web-site or some other piece of work which runs in the background which end user cannot see. On the other hand, tester is a person who tests the application against customer requirements before delivering it to customer or we can say Testers basically verifies Developers work. How could be the relationship when developer meets tester… As per my experience being a developer I don’t like tester’s job much, I think their jobs doesn't require much of brain. (No offense to Testers).Also, I don’t like someone find errors/bug in my work (code) and asked me to fix it again. And many times I had huge fight with testers during release of work. And what if a composed, prudent, amicable developer Aadi (Aditya) meets an egotist, diligent, ardent tester Smriti…. We know opposite poles attract each other; but how about in real life.
Smriti, a Punjabi gal moved into real time production after cleared her initial training. When she reported to her assigned manager; she asked Aadi to give her knowledge transfer session about the account, processes to be followed, and formalities to be completed for the on-boarding of her. Aadi as described above a composed person who already had two years of IT experience was working as developer. Smriti who just came into production was assigned as tester for the same project. First project for Smriti; believing on the fact – First Impression is last impression she completed her first release of work with full diligence. Due to ambiguous requirements from customer, Smriti raised so many defects/issues against Aadi. Generally, when a tester raises a defect it is against developer’s work not against developer. But sometimes or I would rather say most of the time developer think it is against him/her. In our performance goal settings, the maximum number of defects is allowed up to 2 or 3. And Smriti raised 17 defects against Aadi which results in poor appraisal rating for Aadi. However, it was because of improper requirements; many were because of data issues. But defects are defects – His manager statement. Aadi was expecting promotion but he couldn’t get it because of poor ratings. So, fight started between both of them and it turned into big arguments.
Due to course of time, again one more release came and this time also Aadi and Smriti were working as developer and tester. In corporate world, even though you don’t like people around you, you don’t want to work with them; then also you have to be gentle with them. This time Smriti acted sensibly; she proactively checked the requirements directly with client and again discussed with other team members. This times no defects. Aadi was happy. He was impressed with Smriti’s work. Everybody was sending appreciation mails to Smriti. Being a fresher, she completed the work on time and delivered with sincerity. Her quality work brings her into limelight. Nature’s rule – if you work well; everybody will like and start talking about you.
Quarter finished, here come the quarterly project party. Smriti even though looks very simple, but her simplicity was enough to catch any guy’s attention. She dressed very nice nicely for the party. Every guy in the team was talking about her. The way she walks, she talks, she carries herself etc. So somewhere bells starts ringing in Aadi’s heart. In his past life, he never liked any girl so much. After the party he couldn’t sleep whole night. Next day onwards, he started craving for Smriti’s attention. He wanted to spend more and more time with Smriti. But stars were not much favorable; she was always surrounded by her friends. Be it for lunch, for coffee, evening refreshment, and for weekends no chance. He starts getting insecure day by day.
Without any further delay, he proposed Smriti on Office Communicator. It was for the first time he was proposing a girl, not sure how to propose and what to exactly say, he proposed in a very lucid way; which I think girls generally don’t like. For Smriti it was not the first time, someone was proposing her. She thought it as prank and said “No”. I am not looking for any relationship or anything. He said we can be good friends. She replied bluntly I have enough friends. Sorry Aadi, Don’t waste my time. Please let me work. LLL  
You can close your eyes to things you don't want to see, but you can't close your heart to the things you don't want to feel. – Author Unknown.
Day passed, months passed but nothing changed in the feelings of Aadi. With each passing day the intensity of his feelings was growing more and more. Finally a day came, when Smriti dropped a mail to whole team stating, Last Day in Hyderabad. She got transferred to Chandigarh. So Smriti’s team arranged a farewell for her on the same day. Smriti, was excited as she got what she desired for long time. On the other hand, Aadi was completely pulverized. He was confused not to know what to do, what to say, whether to go in the party or not. He thought let’s propose once again, you never know, maybe she agreed for the friendship. So, Aadi again proposed on the same day. Even she also wanted to talk to Aadi. Because she was thinking whatever happened in the past, it was prank from Aadi’s side. Before, Smriti could say something, Aadi immediately said Smriti, I don’t know what it is “But I think I love you and I have fallen for you”. While saying this tears rolled down from Aadi eyes and last line he said I am not liking this that you are going to Chandigarh, now I cannot see you and talk to you. And Aadi went from the party. Smriti totally speechless, now don’t know what to do. She likes Aadi but not the way Aadi likes her and relationship. She is Punjabi; Aadi is from south India, nothing is impossible, even though she gave thought about her relationship with Aadi. She left for Chandigarh next morning with mixed feeling. She dropped a message “Aadi you are a nice guy, I like you but not the way you like me. Even though I think about you, I know there is no future further. We hardly know each other. Good Bye. !!”
Trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you never met. - Cristina W.
 Aadi was not ready to forget Smriti, so he decided he will again try. Again chat started on communicator followed by late night sms chats. Aadi was not sure what is prevailing in Smriti’s mind. He thought of proposing again but when and where. It was 24th September 2011, Aadi’s birthday and Aadi wants to celebrate it with Smriti. So he booked the ticket. He flew to Chandigarh and directly went to office to meet Smriti. Smriti totally got surprised as she had no idea what Aadi is up to. It was third time, he was saying this thing to Smriti, I don’t know what it is “But I think I love you and I have fallen for you”. I generally don’t celebrate my birthday but this year I want to be with you on my birthday. This time Smriti also replied “I don’t know what it is but I think I like you, when you are not near I miss you , when you don’t pick my phone, I feel so insecure, I think I also love you and I have fallen for you.” Aadi wasn’t sure how to react. Generally it happens; when you want something and all of sudden you got that thing. You don’t know how to react. He thanks GOD, for giving the best birthday gift ever. As they both are from different states and cultures as well. It took more than 6 months for the both families to accept their relationship. Finally they got married in 24th April 2012. Their love story is nothing less than roller coaster ride.
Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. –Lao Tzu
P.S. This is not a mere fiction, I know Aditya from very long time. Today 24th Septembeer 2012, on account of Aditya’s Birthday and their relationship anniversary I thought of writing this post. Hope you enjoyed the story.


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